Last week I was excited. You see, I had FINALLY remembered to bring this sweet buy-one-get-one free coupon to a local restaurant. When I go to pay for my order and hand over the coupon, it had been expired for over a week. So I was cheated out of my freebie.

However, a Chicago man beat the expiration date. But this wasn't a coupon that he had. It was a winning lottery ticket for a $9 million jackpot.

Irving Przyborski (and I thought I had a messed up last name) was going through some paperwork, in order to prepare his taxes. That was when he found a lottery ticket that he had purchased almost a year earlier.

When Przyborski went to cash the ticket, he found about its prize. Luckily he had beaten the cut off date for claiming prizes. Had he waited another week to file his taxes, he would've missed the deadline and missed claiming his prize.

So one lucky bastard gets $9 Million, and I get cheated out of a free Chicken Sandwich. Emo tears all around.

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