The year was 1989, the venue was Mesker Music Theatre, the band was metal legend's themselves, Metallica! 

Evansville has always been a place of music lovers, and that's no more apparent then when we take a trip down memory lane and take a look at concerts that have rolled through here.

Like do you remember seeing Metallica on their Damaged Justice tour in 1989?  The show was originally scheduled to be at the Mesker Music Theatre, but due to weather got moved to Roberts Stadium (RIP).  The Cult supported them on this date.

Mandy shared this gem with me on Facebook and I thought it was so cool! I mean note the ticket price at a whopping $16.50. Don't break the bank there, Metallica.

Photo by: Mandy Blackwell Gray
Photo by: Mandy Blackwell Gray

Speaking of Mesker, let's take it back to the Mesker when it was the Mesker Music Theatre.  Do you remember when Ozzy was on tour and brought Metallica with him to Evansville?  That was the show Metallica ended up having to cancel due to James Hetfield breaking his arm in a skateboarding incident (legend has it, that happened on Reitz Hill, but I can't find anything to confirm that, but it's cool enough I'll roll with it)!

Speaking of Mesker, how do we get that place up and running again?  I'd love to see some life brought back to the amphitheater!

Do you have any cool concert memories from Evansville?  Share them with me, I'd love to hear them!


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