A great song is a great song, and Breaking Benjamin will provide their fans with a new perspective on a number of their biggest hits by recording an acoustic album. In addition, some of the tracks will now become duets with some name guest vocalists.

Speaking about the upcoming project with HardDrive Radio, singer Benjamin Burnley stated, "They all have orchestration on 'em — like, full orchestra on 'em. And then there's four that have guest vocalists that [are] really, really amazing. They did so good. I have Lacey Sturm — she used to be the singer for Flyleaf — she's doing a song with me called 'Dear Agony.' She was great. She nailed it, man. And she's so fun to work with, too. She just nails it every time, and she's such an incredible singer. So she did that. And then Spencer [Chamberlain] from Underoath did 'Red Cold River.' And then Adam Gontier, the original singer for Three Days Grace [now for Saint Asonia], he did a song called 'Dance With the Devil' with me. And then Mike [Michael Barnes], the singer for RED, did 'Failure' with me."

"[They] all are friends of mine," continued Burnley. "So I just was, like, 'How can we put some more of an original spin on this so it's not just a remake of things?' So that's what I came up with, and I tried to get a couple of more too, but it was a time thing. These guys, more so than anything, they're my friends. So that's what's cool about it to me — that they're my friends on a record with me."

Though an official release date has not been announced, Burnley says he's hoping to release the acoustic record before the end of the year. You can also look for the band doing some touring behind the release. To see more of the interview, check out the player below.

Meanwhile, Breaking Benjamin are spending the summer in a more traditional heavy rock touring mode. They're sharing stages with co-headliner Chevelle, as well as support acts Three Days Grace, Dorothy and Diamante. See all of their dates listed here.

Breaking Benjamin's Benjamin Burnley Speaks With HardDrive Radio

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