It's time for another installment of brutal music. Assuming you're a fan of heavy shit, you need to know these bands if you don't already.


James "Hammers" Pligge and company define true hardcore and genuine aggression. Hailing from Chicago, these guys rank among my favorites. How can you not like a hulking frontman with a badass chest tattoo that loses his shit onstage during the bands set, then unassumingly eats a salad by the merch table afterward? I saw them open up a few Halloween's back for The Acacia Strain and Stray From the Path (they came out dressed at the TMNT), and that's exactly what he did. I ran into him on my way back from using the men's room and interrupted his salad consumption to compliment the bands set and let him know I think he's the shit. He shook my hand and thanked me for coming to the show. Total fanboy moment. This band is awesome, humble, straightedge and always overcoming obstacles like having their van and equipment stolen more than once. They aren't posers, they don't support poser bands and bullshit, sell-out music. This band is the real deal, and one you should definitely be rooting for.



I've seen these guys play live at the PG performance space in Evansville. Nothing like being crammed right on top of a bunch of talented super young musicians playing grindcore at an insane volume. There were a handful of bands that played first, and I was with my pal Mike, so the libations were flowing. By the time they set up and started playing I wasn't exactly crystal clear. But I took a lot of pics and remember wishing they'd just keep playing. These guys are sick in the best way. I recall their now departed bassist, Brandon Brown, buying a King Cobra 40 at the bar...he just wanted cheap malt liquor. Gross shit. I spent a few minutes talking to the frontman Dylan Walker and I had to ask him why they were at this tiny place in Evansville, right before they were heading to Texas to play SxSW. He mentioned they had some friends in the area and came by to blow everyone's ear drums out of their f-ing heads (or something to that affect). Cool dude, crazy show. Hopefully these guys keep making brutal music for years to come.



Holy shit. This band is good! Seattle is their home and they play hardcore influenced by death, black and thrash metal with sort of an old school sound thanks to their "Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal Petal." Their lead singer looks like a cross between Charles Manson and Jesus, there's another guy that has crazy Sideshow Bob hair and their drummer does not look like he fits into the band at all. This band has been playing since 2005 and they're signed to famed Southern Lord Records. I've just recently discovered them, and thank the Lord I have.

So, people of rock and casual GBF readers of all things Brandon K, with this third installment I've now presented you with nine brutal bands to check out and admire. What do you guys think of these three bands? I know what my usual commenters will say, "not my kind of music," and "sucks." But hey, EVERYONE can weigh in...good or bad. If you have an internet connection and can read this, then please comment! It's super easy, I promise.