Just as the dust was settling from the implosion of the former Old National Bank building, a meme featuring the Tri-State's favorite dinosaur hit social media.

Now, we know that Beaux The T Rex would never destroy property or cause such destruction in Downtown Evansville. The creator of this viral meme would have you think that our gentle giant was some sort of Godzilla.

Of course, we know better than that. Beaux The T Rex is a very tame dinosaur that loves meeting new friends and visiting kids at their birthday parties.


I'm sure that the person who posted this meme just did it for fun. I just had to wonder what our buddy Beaux The T Rex thought about it. After all, he has a reputation to protect. No one would want him to come to their event if they thought he would just smash it down!

So, I went straight to the Tyrannosaurus rex to get his reaction to the meme. I'll try and translate it into English.

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So, as you can see in my video interview with Beaux The T Rex, he did not seem to care for this internet slander that is being shared on social media. Hopefully, this will help to clear up any confusion that the meme caused.

It looks like we might see our buddy at The 911 Gives Hope for the Holidays Toy Drive.

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