Have your sinuses been rebelling against this weird weather like mine have? Are your sinus meds just not cutting it? Well, I found an odd suggestion for my sinus woes and it actually works: Whiskey. No joke. It actually helps.


Now, I'm not saying if you get a cold to go on a whiskey bender and start chuggin' away. No. A SMALL AMOUNT of whiskey goes a long way. Also, too much alcohol makes you dehydrated. Not exactly the ideal thing to be when sick. No one wants a hangover AND a cold.


Apparently, the alcohol in the whiskey help dilate the blood vessels allowing your mucus membrane to help get rid of the infection. SCIENCE!


And since it's whiskey, it's going to open up your sinuses, helping you breathe, and warm you up a bit on the inside.


So if you have a cold, the best remedy is rest, liquids, relaxation, and a hot toddy (whiskey, honey, lemon juice, hot water).


Again, REMINDER: Too much alcohol will backfire on you when you're sick. One hot toddy a day to clear the sinuses and get the blood flowing should do it.


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