A Cure For the Common Cold: Whiskey?
Have your sinuses been rebelling against this weird weather like mine have? Are your sinus meds just not cutting it? Well, I found an odd suggestion for my sinus woes and it actually works: Whiskey. No joke. It actually helps.
Brandon K's Favorite Frontmen: First Edition
My name is Brandon K (you know this), and I love metal in all forms (you know this too), and many of you have read my posts about the brutal bands I love (and many of you don't). And I give NUN F*CKS.
So I've featured many of my favorite bands in those blogs, but I haven't talked as mu…
Evanescence vs. Cold – Rocktagon
Cold continues its week long run by making it to night number 5 in the Rocktagon. Tonight they face off against Evanescence, who is making their first Rocktagon appearance. Cast your vote now, and listen for the winner tonight after 9.
Machine Head vs. Cold – Rocktagon
After scoring another win, Cold moves on to its 4th night in the Rocktagon. Machine Head will attempt to end the run. Vote now, and listen for the winner tonight during Nocturnal Emission.
Mastodon vs. Cold – Rocktagon
Cold survives another round in the Rocktagon. Will the third time be a charm, or will Mastodon stop their run? Vote and listen for the winner tonight at 9, during Nocturnal Emissions.
Cold vs. Emphatic – Rocktagon
Cold survives the first Rocktagon of the week, only to return tonight and face off against Emphatic. Vote here, and by phone, then listen for the winner after 9 during Nocturnal Emissions.
Nickelback vs. Cold – Rocktagon
With another Rocktagon retiree in the books, we're going to start this week with two new contestants. Vote right here, and listen for the winner after 9 during Nocturnal Emissions.
Another Cold Winter On Tap, Sounds Tasty
Remember last winter as you sat shivering in your house, nervously watching the thermostat and dreading the appearance of your next Vectren bill? Remember how it seemed that the Winter of 2010-11 just wouldn't end? Get ready for part two.