The Hook-N-Shoot's year end show is happening tonight at the Coliseum in downtown Evansville. The show will be loaded with exciting MMA fights, as well as recognition of a couple very special guys.

First off, Aaron Riley will be inducted into the Hook-N-Shoot Hall of Fame. Aaron is an Indiana boy who started his career with Hook-N-Shoot at the age of 15. Now at 32, Riley has fought some of the best fighters in the UFC and other organizations around the world. Hook-N-Shoot creator Jeff Osborne can think of no one more deserving of this honor. Listen to the interview below to hear more about Aaron Riley and his amazing career.

The Hook-N-Shoot will also honor Evansville Police Billy Bolin. Chief Bolin has long been a supporter of many local charities, most notably the charity he co-founded 911 Gives Hope.

Obviously there will be a bunch of fighting too. Hear more about the event in my interview with Jeff Osborn below.

Hook-N-Shoot interview 11.2.12