Have you ever watched an MMA fight and thought that you could do that? Or maybe you just thought you'd like to give it a try. Maybe you think you're a tough guy (or gal), and you'd have no problem doin' that MMA stuff. Well now's your chance!

Hook-N-Shoot presents Season 3 of the MMA reality TV show "Fight Skool". Shooting will begin here in Evansville, this summer...and you have the chance to tryout. There are open tryouts happening this Saturday, June 9th starting at 1pm at Fitness World on N. Congress.

They're looking for average, everyday people that want to know what it's like to be a real MMA fighter. Contestants will get thousands of dollars of free training and conditioning...plus special guest trainers from The Ultimate Fighter, cash and prizes, a championship belt, and a complete body transformation.

It's time to stop talkin' the talk and actually walk the walk. Let's see what you've got.

Send your questions to hooknshoot@aol.com...and get your ass to Fitness World this Saturday at 1pm.