As you've probably heard me say before, mixed martial arts is one of the most exciting and fastest growing sports in the country...and this Saturday you get to see it first hand. Some of the best local MMA fighters will enter the cage for Hook-N-Shoot Fightapalooza!

It all takes place at the Coliseum in downtown Evansville starting at 7pm. Fightapalooza is being billed as the biggest fight since 2007, and it's easy to see why. Check out the scheduled card below.

Hook-N-Shoot creator Jeff Osbourne made his usual stop by the studio to talk about the event and what folks can expect to see. Listen to his interview, and then get your ass out to the Coliseum on Saturday night!

Jeff Osbourne interview

Hook-N-Shoot Fightapalooza Card:

  • Kevin Schmidt vs Richard Kerner
  • Johnte Potts vs Joey Thompson
  • Matthew Stern vs Raul Perez
  • Christopher Henderson vs Joshua Kirkland
  • Chris Brummett vs Ryan Conaway
  • Carlos Yanez vs Derek Randolph
  • Richard Hazard vs Caleb Purtlebaugh
  • Wendel Shackelford vs Richard Poe
  • Devon Wright vs Joey Tornatore
  • Christopher Blevins vs Trey Ross
  • Darrin Hardin vs Carlos Garnett, Jr.
  • Alyssa Vasquez vs Melissa Blyth
  • William Calhoun, III vs Carmello Furar
  • Joshua Stanley vs Blake Blair
  • Markus Hall vs James Mottershead (main event)