Over my last few years of attending Ski Day on the Ohio, I have managed to forget a lot of stuff that is a necessity for surviving the biggest part of the summer! So here is your check list of things you will need to pack along with you for August 12, 2012 Ski Day On The Ohio at Newburgh Beach!

  1. Sunscreen--If you get the spray sunscreen pick up a few bottles because it doesn't take long for you to run out on a hot day on a beach!

  2. Bottled water---you must stay hydrated especially if you will be drinking alcohol.

  3. Food--My favorite thing to pack for a day at the river is a package of ham, bread and chips. Easy and simple. Even some lunchables. They don't take up much room in a cooler.

  4. Of course I can't forget alcohol, avoid glass bottles at all cost! Cans or aluminum!!! Also, make sure you have a sober driver it if you are drinking at Ski Day! Like most alcohol commercials--Drink Responsibly!!!

  5. Shoes are always good to have for the water and the beach! Take it from me I cut my foot on a boat propeller in 2010 at Ski Day! No shoes on! Pick up some water shoes!

  6. First Aid kit!!!!!!!! I pack one every year since 2010, when I cut my foot!

  7. Extra swimming suit! You just never know what could happen!

  8. Toilet paper!!!!!!! No bathrooms out there! Woods only!


Who's excited for this years Ski Day????? This girl that's for sure!


Anything else you can think of please comment below so I can add it to my own check list! :)