So many memories for this one event!!!! This year marks my 5th year attending Ski Day with 103GBF!!! Over the past 5 years, I have experienced a lot at Ski Day! The first year I attended I was a hot mess, I'm not going to lie, I let the party get the best of me that's for sure! I really don't remember much of it besides the few pictures that were floating around Facebook the next day. For many, I'm sure this is not unusual! Ski Day 2010, I was there for just 40 short minutes before I went behind a boat and stepped on the boat propeller. Ended up having to get boated back to the dock and taken to the hospital to get 8 stitches in the bottom of my right foot! I will never forget that Ski Day for sure! I'm reminded every time I go to put heels on! Last year at Ski Day, I was determined to stay for the full day! I watched every move I made in the water! It was also the first year I was able to host King of the Beach! I was pretty excited to be on stage helping out for this event!

I recently reached out to Rick O'Daniel, Sunny O'Beach himself, you know the commerical "It's like Mardi Gra in a blender, dude." Honestly, that is the best way to explain Ski Day to anyone that hasn't ever been!

I asked Rick O'Daniel what his most memorable Ski Day has been,

"Chelsea, like I told you before...there are so many classic SkiDay stories that it's impossible to pick one. I have seen it all...34 summers of it! It's hard to comprehend that soooo much fun as been had on this one famous Sunday, year after year! But I CAN tell you one of the funniest things that's happened to me at SkiDay recently. As you already know from your own experience, EVERYBODY wants backstage into the VIP area where you and the rest of the people who are putting on SkiDay are headquartered during the day. Well, a couple of years ago I'm standing next to one of our security guards who is checking wrist bands to make sure that the people who are supposed to be getting into the VIP area...are getting into the VIP area. A girl walks up to us and tells us that she is definitely supposed to be be in the VIP area. Oh, she doesn't have a wrist band, but she knows people who matter...and they want her inside. She starts telling me to go inside and find someone who can get her a wristband because she's supposed to be in there! I tell her "No, I don't believe you. I just think that you're trying to lie your way in". She gets about two inches from my face and says "Listen, I don't know who you are, but I know Rick O'Daniel, and he wants me in there...and when he finds out what you're doing right now...he's gonna be pissed!!!" True Story!"

This year Ski Day will not just be one day but it will be 3 days of amazingness! <--yup I made that word up its cool!

Kicking off Ski Day August 10th and 11th at Marina Point for a bierstube starting at 4pm live bands both nights, a homemade bikini contest, Bud Light's Port Paradise giveaway! Then at Newburgh Beach Sunday August 12th will be our annual 103GBF Ski Day on the Ohio!

I would love to hear your memorable moment from past Ski Days!

If it weren't for photos I'm not sure anyone would remember Ski Day on the Ohio!

Enjoy some photos of last years Ski Day!!