The party of the summer is coming'  Sunday July 31st at Newburgh Beach, it's 103GBF and Budweiser's Ski Day on the Ohio.  As organizer Sunny O'Beach says 'It's Mardi Gras and Spring Break in a blender, dude!'   That is a fairly accurate description I suppose.  This will mark my 22nd Ski Day, so I can testify that it is a down and dirty good time party.  If you're attending Ski Day this summer for the first time, brace yourself.  It can get pretty wild.  Of course there will be the usual Ski Day events like 'The King of the Beach' contest for the fellas, and for the gals, the 'World Famous Ski Day Bikini Contest'.  Plus, we'll be awarding the grand prize of Bud Light's Port Paradise giveaway at Ski Day as well.  Click here for Port Paradise info!  Of course, for all things Ski Day, go to the official event website here. Things get kicked off at high noon on Sunday July 31st at Newburgh Beach.  See ya there and please practice safe boating. Law enforcement will be both on land and out on the river that day keeping a close eye on things.