Tebow Meets Jesus, via SNL
Tim Tebow.  Plays "quarterback" for the Denver Broncos.  Going into yesterday's game, he was 6-1 as a starter.  He is now 6-2 after their matchup with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.
SNL Digital Short: Batman!
Steve Buscemi hosted SNL this weekend.
There were some good sketches and some that went way, way too long.  Typical modern SNL.  The Digital Short stuff is normally good for at least a mild chuckle.
‘SNL’ takes on Kardashian divorce stuff
'SNL' was hosted this weekend by Charile Day of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' fame.  I saw some of it and it was pretty entertaining.  I did miss this...however, the internet comes to my rescue again!
SNL spoof of ‘Moneyball’
Don't ask my why but this is my second 'Moneyball' related post in a week.  I said don't ask!!  Sorry...some wounds never heal.
This is from this week's Saturday Night Live with Ben Stiller as the host.  I made it through the monologue before blinking and the sun was up.  I'm old, what can I say.  Ho…
SNL was pretty good
Justin Timberlake teamed up with Andy Samberg on this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" season finale for another Digital Short. The duo reprised their much-loved Color Me Badd satire, following up 2008's "D**k in a Box" and 2009's "Motherlover" with a slow jam called &qu…
What is everybody looking at?
'Saturday Night Live' got a blast from the past over the weekend when it brought back the popular animated sketch 'The Ambiguously Gay Duo' for the first time in years.
Only this time, it was a little different. Thanks to a devious flesh ray, the ambiguously gay Ace and Gary were …