Ron Swanson Has Some Bacon-Hoarding Advice
About three weeks ago there was an announcement that we could be seeing a bacon shortage. That news was sure to have the dudes at Epic Meal Time and the Bacon Sundae Lady flipping out, but Ron Swanson has some advice.
Lady Goes Nuts Over Bacon Sundae
Diamonds can be a girl's best friend. But some women just prefer a bacon sundae.
Burger King recently released a bacon sundae. One YouTube user was able to capture one woman's out pouring of emotions over the release of this fast food item...
The ULTIMATE Thanksgiving Feast
For quite a while now, the guys from Epic Meal Time have been putting together a wide variety of un-Godly concoctions. And for this Thanksgiving, the have gone way beyond anything you could possibly imagine. How 'bout a meal that has 802,420 calories?
We Put BACON On It!
In the market to get an angioplasty before the new year? Well, my friend, the friendly folks at KFC have you covered.