In the market to get an angioplasty before the new year? Well, my friend, the friendly folks at KFC have you covered.

Last year, the restaurant chain introduced us to the Double Down sandwich. They took a grilled cheese sandwich, threw out the bread, and replaced it with two hunks of chicken. I admit, I was curious and tried the Double Down. That sandwich ruined my day. I was sick to my stomach and only wanted to lie down and wait for sweet death to take me away.

KFC is looking to bring it all back. Adding to their line of 'Famous Bowls', the company is introducing the 'Cheesy Bacon Bowl'. The ingredients of a famous bowl is basically a laundry list of KFC foods all mixed in to a bowl. Death row inmates have more dignified 'last meals'.

However that mix of KFC goodness in one bowl wasn't enough, till someone yelled out 'BRING ON THE BACON'. And the folks at Yum! Brands brought on the bacon.

If you would like to try out a Cheesy Bacon Bowl, notify your heart doctor first, and then venture down to your local KFC. The bowl will only be available for a limited time, and it went on sale this past Sunday.

After my experience with the Double Down, I'm going to sit this one out. However I'd be happy to get your opinions on the Cheese Bacon Bowl. So leave them below!