As a kid the promise of an 'all you can eat buffet' meant I could stuff my face with any food I wanted, and still top it off with ice cream. As an adult I just imagine troughs of reheated food. touched by children with diseased hands, and promises of spending many minutes in the restroom later.

For one man in Wisconsin, it became a challenge. Bill Wisth is picketing a restaurant in his town for now allowing him to have 'all he could eat'. The 6-foot-6-inch 350 lb dude was refused service during their fish-fry Friday.

The restaurant claims that Wisht has been a problem and a source of constant annoyance. The claimed that Wisth and his friends consumed plate after plate, and accounting a large tab he hasn't paid, they refused him service.

Showing that hell hath no fury like a lardball scorned, Wisht has started to picket the restaurant in protest. He plans to protest every Sunday, until the restaurant lets him have 'all he can eat'.

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