Why My Roommate Doesn’t Pay Rent
My roommate and I have an odd arrangement: She doesn't pay rent. Or any of the bills. In fact, I pay for practically everything. But I can't find it in myself to kick her out.
Cricket Match Delayed Due to Bees. Yes, Bees.
Have you ever had one of your sports games delayed due to inclement weather? Have you ever had your game delayed because a HUGE SWARM OF BEES INFILTRATED THE FIELD??
Yeah, the South Africa vs Sri Lanka cricket match in Johannesburg, South Africa got a little crazy the other day...
An Open Letter To A Wrong Number
Dearest Jermaine...
I don't know who you are...but you have apparently given all of your friends my number saying that it is yours.
Either they all wrote it down wrong, or you messed up.

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