Best of Evansville

Bobby Shakes Things Up at ShrinersFest [Video]
The 2016 ShrinersFest continues through the weekend - and that means air shows, water show, live music, lots of people, and plenty of food and drinks! This year I was able to try something I've never had before.
Public Mesker Amphitheatre Meetings to Be Held in June
It's been a ongoing discussion/debate for the past several years. What should be done with Mekser Amphitheatre? Now the discussion will move from Facebook and social media into the real world as a series of public listening will be held in June.
Bobby’s Burrito Blog – 5 Evansville Favorites
For me, Mexican food is right up there with pizza, in the category of “food that always sounds good.” No what I mean? And leading the way for my taste buds is the burrito. Which one is your favorite? I’ve asked my stomach to make a list of my 5 favorites.

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