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Fast Eddy’s Come Crumbling Down [Pictures]
Well, I reckon it’s officially official…Fast Eddy’s is gone for good. Demolition has begun on the former Fast Eddy’s location in order to make room for the new Tropicana events building thingy.
What is the Official Name of the Twin Bridges?
According the the Evansville Courier Press, what has affectionatley become known to us as the 'Twin Bridges' isn't really their official name. The real name is much cooler and much more meaningful.
Bobby Shakes Things Up at ShrinersFest [Video]
The 2016 ShrinersFest continues through the weekend - and that means air shows, water show, live music, lots of people, and plenty of food and drinks! This year I was able to try something I've never had before.

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