Yep, I'm sold...I wanna see this! I love the concept of Kick-Ass (and now the sequel). Take a super-hero movie that would normally be kind of a watered down PG-13, and instead make it a badass, uber-violent, no doubt about it R rated movie. Eff yeah!

So for this sequel we see the same major characters returning, except this time they're a little more grown up and a little more buff. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is back as the title character Kick Ass and Hit Girl is once again portrayed by Chloë Grace Moretz. Together they have teamed up to get their crime-fighting on. And more and more people want to join them and fight the good fight. One of those new characters is Colonel Stars & Stripes, played by Jim Carrey...and it looks like he'll be stealing every scene his in. Christopher Mintz-Plasse (you may know him as McLovin) returns in the sequel, reprising his role as Chris D'Amico. We find out in the trailer that his villain name will be "The Mother F@#ker"...and he vows to get revenge on his former friends.

Kick Ass 2 seems to have everything you'd want in an action/comedy movie...interesting characters, crazy action sequences, plenty of foul language, and hopefully a bunch of laughs.

Check out the red-band trailer...but keep in mind, it's not for youngsters.