A lot of people are spending their free time outside on the boat, swimming, and fishing. It also means that it's that time of year where people are getting those dreaded sunburns.
We all have had them in our life. Some sunburns are worse than others. Sometimes, it's not super hot or it may be a little cloudy outside, so you think that you might not need any sunscreen. However, that's how you find out the hard way that sunscreen probably would have been a good idea.

No one likes it when they get a sunburn. You try aloe, but that doesn't seem to help. Sometimes you can't even move around wearing a shirt without it hurting. What can you do? According to Delish, there is another remedy that will help get rid of your sunburn, and it is located inside of your refrigerator.

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That's right, MILK! Who knew that milk would help get rid of a sunburn? Next time you get one, try putting a cold compress of milk on the affected area. All you have to do is lightly soak a washcloth in milk and put it directly on your skin. It can take some of the pain away and speed up the healing process.

Milk will help cool your skin down when you have a sunburn. According to Delish, the vitamin A and vitamin D that is found in milk will help you heal. Not only that, but the lactic acid will exfoliate your skin and will get rid of all the dead skin in the area. So if you're fresh out of aloe, no need to run to the store, just open up the fridge and use some milk!

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