I think most people have a favorite Christmas movie. For a lot of folks it's a Christmas Story - "you'll shoot your eye out!" and for others it's A Wonderful Life - "every time a bell rings, and angel gets it's wings. But in my house, we have a different Christmas favorite. It's our must-watch, holiday tradition and this year I was so sad to see it isn't available on Netflix. So what's a girl to do, when she has to keep the tradition alive? She turns to Amazon and you can too:

Krampus is a holiday tradition and a must watch. If you've never seen it before or are unfamiliar with the idea of Krampus, he's a goat-horned demon who punishes children who have been bad. He's what you might call the Anti-Santa Claus. If you're new to the Christmas Horror genre of movies, there are plenty and Krampus just scratches the surface.

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