The Salvation Army bell-ringers are a constant site outside of stores during this time of year. They are part of the organization's successful kettle campaign that has been going on for 122 years. However, someone has a problem with that. 

Sarah Hamilton-Parker says she has to listen to bell ringing for nearly 200 hours. She works at a downtown shop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and says after 4 years she has had enough.

She called the cops on bell-ringers saying they violated a city noise ordinance, claiming that she has had to wear ear plugs to drown out the sound. The Red Kettle Campaign kicked off in 1891 and is ran by local Salvation Army chapters.

Hamilton-Parker says she is thinking about taking her complaints to town officials. Representatives for the Salvation-Army say that bell-ringers can be given "dead bells", which do not make noise. I assume it makes the bell-ringer look like a crazy arm waving person.

But who complains about a Christmas tradition. It sounds like Hamilton-Parker needs to be visited by the three ghosts of Christmas (lame setup for a Lifetime movie).

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