I came up with an idea that I think we can all agree with. 

Holidays are fun. They're awesome. Especially since we usually get those days off of work to actually enjoy the holiday. But what about the day AFTER those holidays? They are the WORST, right? You're exhausted. You're tired. (You might be a little hungover...)

So, I've had this idea since high school...

You know how in high school you always got Jan. 2nd, and the Monday after Easter off? Those specific "days after a holiday"? WE NEED THAT IN ADULT LIFE. Not just school.

Days That Should be Mandatory Days Off From Work:

January 2nd. We party way too hard on New Years to just be expected to sleep it all off on the 1st. That is a 2 days recovery period.

March 18th. I don't think I need to explain this one...

The Monday after Easter. You are exhausted dragging your kids around, going to church, easter egg hunts, and family's houses for Easter dinner...You just need a day to recuperate.

July 5th. We're expected to stay up late to watch fireworks and then also expected to be up early the next morning for work? Uh-uh.

Your Birthday. No one should have to go to work on their birthday.

The Day(s) After Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is always awkward because of work. Not everyone can celebrate Thanksgiving ON Thanksgiving depending on their job. So sometimes people have to wait until the weekend to celebrate. So we should all 100% get Thanksgiving off, no matter what job you have, AND the day after Thanksgiving. Dealing with relatives and in-laws you see once a year (FOR A REASON) and shoving your face full of food all day is tiring. Let us sleep off the turkey and shame for the next 24 hours. Please.

December 24th-26th. Same problem with Thanksgiving. Some family members can't meet up on Christmas Eve or Christmas because of their jobs and you have to wait until the weekend to do things. Many people use PTO days to spend these days with family. But I don't think we should have to use our well earned PTO days to SPEND TIME WITH OUR FAMILY.

What do you think should be a mandatory Holiday Recovery Day?

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