I have been having some major writers block lately, I'm not sure why or what is causing this but I'm thinkin some sex talk should help my writers block don't ya think?My fiancee and I have some off the wall conversations sometimes, one of them being when do we prefer to get it on! Of course, he is a man and the first thing out of his mouth is - ALL the time. (Of course right) I do too. But, if you had to narrow it down to the best time morning, nooner, and/or a nighter. Which would you choose? Of course, many studies have been done when is the best time to get it on. Wouldn't you like to be apart of one of those studies to get paid to do it. Wait, isn't that porn ha.

One study I found says 7:30AM is the best time to get down and dirty! It makes your day healthy. Whatever that means. Set your alarm clocks people 7:30 am you need to be getting busy!

Another website gives a break down hour by hour, in their "handy guide" what is happening in our bodies. According to this - 7:30 am is great for men and not ideal for women. (Which every website or study you go to you will find that they are all different because EVERYONE IS different).

From 2:00pm to 4:00pm "A woman’s reproductive system is at its best during these hours. Semen produced around 4 pm is of the best quality. Conclusion: Maybe try to avoid having sex in the mid afternoon, unless you want a baby, in which case, enjoy it!"

Since everyone is different please take our poll when do you prefer to get it on?

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