When the Ohio River hits flood stage lots of debris can be found.  We recently discovered both a Mammoth and a shark have been found in the Ohio River and here's what we know.

Angel here and I took Layla and Lilly, my Golden Doodles downtown to enjoy the weather yesterday.  We were walking along the river and I noticed there was a tremendous amount of litter and earthly waste floating along.   When we got down to the Convention Center I could see a place where it was gathering.

Much of the debris was trash.  I took pictures because I spotted a ton of crazy things including what I think might have been a car or riding lawnmower hood, a fender to a motorcycle, and lots of other odds and ends.

All this junk piqued my interest and I started researching to see if anything really unique or crazy had ever been found in the Ohio River.

According to the Los Angeles Times;

Poking through cold southern Indiana mud for the delicate 10,000-year-old remains of an elephant-like creature was a rare thrill for a group of scientists who struck pay dirt.  The nearly complete skeleton, buried 10 feet deep, was discovered by a bulldozer operator preparing the way for a resort along the Ohio River.

The Indiana State Museum from Indianapolis came down to investigate the find.  One of the things they looked for during the dig was to find any possibility that Mammoths and humans had come into contact with one another but they never found any type of evidence.  The creatures remains were found in Alton, Indiana.

How cool would it be to find the remains of a Mammoth?  Makes the car hood and motorcycle fender I saw seem meaningless now!

This guy was found in the Ohio River almost 11 years ago.

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