I recently asked on Facebook what your first car experiences was like, and you did not disappoint.

It was recently announced the Volkswagon was going to discontinue to famed "Beetle" and it made me sad. Mainly because my very first car was a VW Bug. I loved that car. Even though it was a piece of crap, I loved it.

I'm not saying that all VW Beetles are awful, I'm saying that mine in particular was a hunk-a-junk because of the previous owner. The battery was always dying in the winter. The transmission gave out whenever you went up a hill that was too steep. (That was always fun.) And when you popped open the hood, someone who had the car before me made some custom adjustments. They were so custom that when I took my car into a VW dealer, the mechanics were like "...What the hell is this?" Also, everyone was always stealing the VW logo off of my hubcaps...

But regardless of all of that, I loved that dinky car because it was MINE. It was MY CAR. I OWNED IT. And even though all that stuff was wrong with it, it made for some great stories down the road.

So I asked you

first car canva

and you're response was

first car


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