There's always something fun to do at Wesselman Woods. Whether you want to check out the nature center or go walking the trails, or take the kids to the new playscape, you could spend a whole day there and not run out of fun ways to connect with nature.  And throughout the summertime, you can get up close and personal with the animals of Wesselman Woods with their weekly animal encounter series.

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The animal encounters will take place every Friday and Saturday in July and August from 10 AM-11 AM.  Here's what Wesseleman Woods' website says about the encounters:

Every Friday and Saturday in July and August you will have the opportunity to meet the birds, snakes, and turtles of Wesselman Woods!

Who you meet will be determined on the day of the animal encounter... and with a membership to the woods, you'll have the opportunity to meet them all! Become a member today or join us at the animal encounter as a part of your paid admission to the Nature Center.

Encounters begin at 10 AM and will meet outside near the mews.

Today on the Wesselman Woods Facebook page they posted a photo of a snapping turtle.  Her name is Shelly, and she's an Alligator Snapping Turtle that lives at Wesselman Woods.  She is an example of one of the many animals you can meet and learn about with animal encounters at Wesselman Woods.  They said that you'll meet animals of the scaly, furry, and slimy variety.

This is a really great way to get kids involved in learning about nature! If you're interested in enjoying an animal encounter, Wesselman Woods will be hosting them every week through August.

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