The Walking Dead and its Fear-ful prequel remain about a decade and continent apart, but a link between the pair has finally been found. Months after reports of a crossover, The Walking Dead confirms Lennie James’ Morgan will rejoin the franchise in a crossover role on Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead post-show Talking Dead confirmed that James’ Morgan will move to the Season 4 cast of Fear The Walking Dead, as the actor appeared via satellite from his new shooting location of Austin, Texas. James confirmed saying goodbye to the cast and crew of The Walking Dead proper (implying the characters likely demise), though Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick noted that Morgan had plenty of story left in Season 8 to tell.

AMC confirmed at New York Comic-Con that the two series would officially meet in 2018, even as The Walking Dead takes place close to eight years into the zombie apocalypse, and on another coast. Fear has largely hovered in the year or so since the initial outbreak, moving from Los Angeles to Mexico and the southern border in its first three seasons. Given that Rick first encountered Morgan in Kentucky a month after the outbreak, it isn’t clear how the character might figure into Fear.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 was recently announced to move production to Texas, just as a number of character had since referenced in the Season 3 finale. Fans had predicted Michael Cudlitz might pop up as Abraham, given the character’s backstory with an undefined group in Houston, while Cudlitz himself had seemingly hinted at a return to the Walking Dead franchise.

Crossovers are only part of what Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 has in store, as both Garret Dillahunt and Jenna Elfman have joined in regular roles, while Once Upon a Time alum Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg will take over for departing showrunner Dave Erickson. Meanwhile, James appeared in The Walking Dead with brief roles in its first and third season, before joining the cast fulltime in Season 6.

It remains unclear when Season 4 will premiere, but stay tuned for further details of the crossover as we wait.

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