The video for the Beastie Boys' 1987 hit '(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)' was what put the Brooklyn-born trio on the map.

Now, to help promote their upcoming eighth studio album 'Hot Sauce Committee Part Two,' the Boys have released the trailer to the Adam Yauch-directed short film, 'Fight For Your Right Revisited,' which explores what happens after the famous shaving cream pie and Spanish fly-filled rave in the original video.

In 'Fight For Your Right Revisited,' Elijah Wood plays Ad-Rock, Seth Rogen portrays Mike D and Danny McBride is MCA. The short film also features what has to be the most amazing collection of cameos ever assembled.

Check it out below, and check out the Beastie Boy's latest single "Make Some Noise" here. WARNING: There is a wee bit of adult if you're offended by that kind of thing, grow up!