Another week, another new business announcement in Evansville.

Over the past few weeks, we have found out about several new businesses coming to Evansville's east side. These businesses include Bubba's 33, Jersey Mike's, Club 18, and Biscuit Belly. All of which, we are looking forward to trying out as soon as they open up. Now, another business has been added to the list of new establishments coming to Evansville in 2021.

Crumbl Cookies is coming to Evansville, according to Evansville 411 News. Crumbl Cookies is a gourmet cookie shop that prides themselves on making huge, warm, and fresh cookies of all kinds. They are known for their chocolate chip cookies but they have a huge variety. Crumbl Cookies also has a weekly rotating menu that gives you a variety of new and unique flavors to choose from each week.
As we were looking at the rotating menu over the weekend, one cookie in particular stood out. It was a cornbread cookie. I had never heard of such a thing before but it sounded delicious. Crumbl Cookies described it as "​a warm cornbread cookie topped with a honey butter glaze and a dollop of honey buttercream." I'm certainly intrigued, and hope that it makes the rotation when the Evansville store opens up.


Crumbl Cookies offers in store, delivery, curbside, catering and shipping options...which I think is a great concept because who wouldn't like cookies like this delivered to them at work or at home? The new Evansville location of Crumbl Cookies will be located in the Lillian Plaza at The Promenade of Evansville development. It's scheduled to open Summer 2021.

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