The “Phantom Cam” is basically a high-speed high definition camera. It reaffirms a few things I already knew…just how violent MMA can be, how tough these fighters are, and how I could never ever do what they will. This really puts fighting in a new perspective for me.

I have been a fan of MMA for over 8 years now. I started out kinda squeamish and nervous about what I could possibly see, but these days I view the fights much differently. I don’t get nervous or anxious anymore, in fact, I find myself getting bored with some fights when the action isn’t intense enough.

This footage, taken from the UFC on FOX 8 event, gives me a new appreciation for things that I might normally take for granted. It’s amazing to see how a fighter’s face reacts to a stiff jab in super slow-mo. I just know that I would crumble after one shot. The punishment that both fighters put their body through is truly amazing. See for yourself below.

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