Some fighter's nicknames are just silly, there to grab your attention...some try to be clever...some meant to be intimidating...and some prove to be completely false. But never has a nickname been more fitting for a fighter than Brian Stann's nickname "The All American".

Not only is Stann an accomplished (and ever improving) mixed martial artist and veteran of the WEC and UFC...he is also a Captain in the US Marine Corps and has spent over 1,000 days deployed in Iraq. He is liked and respected by seemingly everyone on the world of MMA...and he has risked his life and saved the lives of his men fighting for our country.

If you have a few minutes, please watch this clip from the Fuel TV program "UFC Ultimate Insider". In the piece, Stann tells the intense story of 'Operation Matador' and how it has affected his life.

It's really easy for me to get caught up in everything that's going on in my life...most of it trivial and rather meaningless. And it just blows my mind and humbles me when I stop and think about guys like this...the things that they have seen and the burdens they carry. And so many of our service men and women don't have a national spotlight on them like Brian Stann...but they are no less heroes than he is.

And follow the link below to see one of Stann's most impressive fights, against a tough Chris Leben.

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