UFC Fight Night Picks
Alright fight fans, you're in for a another free treat this weekend as the UFC presents Fight Night 42 this Saturday night on Fox Sports 1. My buddy Ryan and I take another stab at predicting the winners.
While the monthly pay-per-views generally produce the "bigger" cards with the "bi…
Marine and MMA Fighter Brian Stann’s Amazing Story
Some fighter's nicknames are just silly, there to grab your attention...some try to be clever...some meant to be intimidating...and some prove to be completely false. But never has a nickname been more fitting for a fighter than Brian Stann's nickname "The All American".
Chael Sonnen Apologizes To Anderson Silva
The relationship between the UFC's #1 middleweight contender Chael Sonnen and the longtime UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva has got to be one of the most entertaining relationships in the history of MMA. Simply put, they hate each other.
Photoshoot for UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste [Video]
She walks around the octagon in between rounds of UFC events with a big number in her hands. Not sure what it means but wooo-boy, she is talented. She's got skillz and stuff.
Her name is Arianny Celeste and she recently had photographs taken for something called Zoo Today magazine.
UFC 142 this Saturday Night [Preview Video]
The world's #1 MMA organization returns to Brazil this Saturday night for their UFC 142 event and pay-per-view, at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro. The UFC Featherweight (145 lbs) title is up for grabs in the main event when the champ, Jose Aldo, defends his belt against Chad Mendes.
The UFC Bunch
Ever wonder how the UFC came to be, but in a bite size version?
Maybe this will help.

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