Who knew a pet turkey could be so inspirational!?  Well, Mr. John Mayer, pet turkey, has inspired his owners and their dear friends to "drum" up a coffee roasting business that will literally have you gobbling it all down.

Reid/Hadley Willson and Ian Clark/Kelsey Skaggs decided to start a coffee company on a whim. Ian and Reid love coffee. Every time they traveled it was a mandatory “to do”. One night, while on a trip Reid asked, “why don’t we start a coffee business?”  The things these two couples enjoy traveling, exploring, exercising, and drinking coffee.  The coffee beans are from different countries each coming from small farms.

Ian had previously owned a coffee business a few years back, so he had the experience and education in roasting.  Everything was falling into place.

The beans are roasted out of Genes Health and sold at Gene’s, Nikos, Hillview Farms, and The Glass Factory.  Jacob Summerville designed the label. They use their own labels for the bags. Ian roasts all the coffee.

Presley (Ian's daughter) came up with the name, based on John Mayer’s “Big Turkey Foot” John Mayer, is the family's pet. They got him last year. He lives on “Turkey Hill” off Boothfield Rd.  Reid and Hadley Wilson also have chickens and Guineas but John Mayer is like, a dog. He is super social.

This year, they got Dolly K. Partner, the chicken. Now they have Dolly Partner & John Mayer. The two hang out, eat together, sleep together, and John protects Dolly because she’s not fully grown.

Meet the Big Foot Turkey Coffee Crew;

Owensboro Turkey Inspires Coffee Company

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