There was a dog loose in the "Spin Room" after the final presidential debate at Lynn College in Florida.

Triumph the Insult Dog, that is. Conan O'Brien's puppet provocateur certainly made his presence felt by ambushing  media personalities with his signature digs.

Some, like former New Hampshire governor John Sununu, turned away at the first sign of Triumph's cigar. Others, like former New York governor George Pataki, attempted to engage the French-accented canine.

That strategy only works for so long, and soon enough Triumph will make a crude joke about a Kardashian and a member of polite society will be forced to flee his presence.

Triumph's goal for the night seemed to be to ruin Fox News' Sean Hannity's live shot, and he eventually had a degree of success on the front.

Hannity responded to the video bomb by snatching Triumph's cigar.

After watching Triumph do presidential politics, we're pretty sure he would've been a better debate moderator than Bob Schieffer. In fact, that's an good idea for 2016.

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