Though 'Star Wars: Episode 7' hasn't started casting yet, nor has Disney released much information about the upcoming sequel, that's not going to stop intrepid journalists from asking about it. Conan O'Brien interviewed Harrison Ford for his upcoming movie 'Paranoia,' and -- to get Ford to talk about it -- offered Ford a thousand dollars to tell him spoilers from 'Episode 7.'

And, as you can tell by the video, he offers nothing. In fact, Ford is now making a side career for himself by making fun of his connection to 'Star Wars,' as he pulled a similar stunt on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

This is likely his way to blow off some steam about it, as journalists were asked to refrain asking about the new 'Star Wars' movie when Harrison did interviews at Comic-Con for 'Ender's Game,' and Ford -- who has turned into a likeable curmudgeon -- obviously doesn't have many answers to what's going on with the new film (on top of having been asked about Han Solo and 'Star Wars' for the last thirty-five years). That Ford yawns when the question starts may not be much of an exaggeration.

Though Ford is rumored to be involved in the new 'Star Wars' movie we'll know more when the film, which is scheduled to be released some time in 2015, starts making official casting announcements.

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