‘Bad Boys 3′ Confirmed by Martin Lawrence on ‘Conan’
Rumors of 'Bad Boys 3' have swirled for years -- the last we heard, it was looking for a writer, though there was no word if stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, and director Michael Bay would come back for another outing -- but it finally looks like things might be moving in the right direction. At least, if you think that Lawrence returning for more action is the right direction. (Hint: it is).
How Tracy Morgan’s Alter Ego Got Him Kicked Out of Prince’s House
It's hard to imagine that anyone's partying technique would be too much for Prince's tastes; this is, after all, a man who sings about partying like it's 1999 and the sexiness of cheap thrift-store finds with equal adoration. However, it seems that there is at least one person who is too freaky for even Prince to handle. Chico Divine. Who? Chico Divine? Who? Tracy Morgan's freaky-partying alter eg
Christina Hendricks Knows At Least One Thing About ‘Game of Thrones’
Christina Hendricks is the star of one of television's most beloved shows -- that would be 'Mad Men,' if you are out of the loop -- which probably keeps her too busy to enjoy other shows. The actress recently told a reporter on the red carpet that she'd love to be on another one of TV's most popular shows, 'Game of Thrones,' and she has a tidbit to share.

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