Rumors of 'Bad Boys 3' have swirled for years -- the last we heard, it was looking for a writer, though there was no word if stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, and director Michael Bay would come back for another outing -- but it finally looks like things might be moving in the right direction. At least, if you think that Lawrence returning for more action is the right direction. (Hint: it is).

Lawrence appeared on Wednesday night's 'Conan' and, in between telling O'Brien about his workout routine and teaching him how to properly greet an audience, fessed up that the feature really is happening. The actor was on the phone with "Jerry" (that would be super-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, but casually speaking) just the other day, actually talking about 'Bad Boys 3.' Turns out, the script is currently being written, and Lawrence is very excited to return.

Although Lawrence didn't offer a more complete update than that -- even when it came to casting, O'Brien was too busy stumping for his own cameo to really dig deep -- it seems safe to assume that, if Lawrence wants to come back for more, we can expect to see Will Smith back, too. Here's hoping that Michael Bay wants back in on the badness.

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