Buckle up. Don't drive distracted and don't drive under the influence. These are pretty general rules to abide by when getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, yet some folks still struggle to do the right thing.

Eyes on the Road

You obviously want to keep your eyes on the road, but this weekend, authorities in Henderson County Kentucky will have their eyes on the road - and on you - too.

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Stay Alive

The Henderson Police Department reminded motorists of the importance of not drinking and driving in a recent post to Facebook.

The Henderson Police Department periodically conducts Traffic Safety Checkpoints in our community to target impaired driving.

Remember to always plan ahead and have a designated driver when you will be consuming alcohol.

Stay Alive. Don’t Drink & Drive!

More Than Just You

It's more than just keeping yourself alive too. Every time you get behind the wheel of a car impaired, you put not only your own life at risk, but the lives of countless others. Do the right thing. Call a cab. Get an Uber. Find a designated driver. Phone a (sober) friend... but don't drink and drive.


Henderson Police Department will be conducting traffic safety checkpoints from August 19 - 21, 2022, where they will specifically be on the lookout for impaired drivers. The checkpoints will take place at several locations including the intersection of Watson and Sunset Lanes, Watson Lane and Stonegate drive, KY 2084 and Highway 136, as well as Highway 41 at the City of Henderson Landfill.

[Souce: Henderson Police Department via Facebook]

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