If you purchased a ticket between 1999 and 2011, you could be eligible for a refund from Ticketmaster. Thanks in part to a recent judgement against the company. 

The issue began in 2003 when two men who purchased tickets to a Wilco and a Bruce Springsteen show (its always the Springsteen fans) , said that Ticketmaster was charging too much money for shipping from UPS and other fees.

Others began similar suits and a class action lawsuit against the company was filed. So does this mean you're getting any money?

Well, here's where lawyer jargon comes in. Ticketmaster will offer a $1.50 credit for future transactions. Anyone who ordered from UPS in the past will get a $5 credit. The credits must be used within four years, and cannot be used at theaters owned by A.E.G Live (Ticketmaster's parent company's competition).

Details can be found on the class action website. Its all part of a $11.25 million settlement, paid over four years. Any money not claimed after four years will go to charity.

Back in October, Ticketmaster also settled a $16.5 million lawsuit brought on by two people from New Jersey over the price of Springsteen tickets (see I told you it was those Springsteen fans).