Don't worry about your spouse hacking your Facebook, worry about their lawyers. In Connecticut, Stephen Gallion told his lawyer that his wives life is on the Internet and it can be used as ammunition in the divorce proceedings.

According to,

"Judge Kenneth Shluger told Stephen and Courtney Gallion to give up their login details for all their social networking sites so their lawyers could trawl for incriminating evidence.

Both the couple have been banned from changing the password or deleting any material for the foreseeable future by the judge at New London Supreme Court in Connecticut.

Nor can they log in as the other person and pretend to be them to prank others.

The extraordinary move came after Mr Gallion’s lawyer claimed that his wife’s life on the Internet could provide ammunition for their divorce battle.

Forbes reported that during a hearing attorney Gary Traystman asked the judge for the unusual measure at which point Mrs Gallion immediately texted a friend and asked them to change the passwords and delete some messages.

The order reads: 'Counsel for each party shall exchange the password(s) of their client's Facebook and dating website passwords.

'The parties themselves shall not be given the passwords of the other.

'If either party already possesses the password of the other, the party whose password is in the possession of the other party may change their password and give the new password to opposing counsel only.'"

When people say that Facebook and Myspace ruin lives this is no joke. I feel like social media websites are taking over the world everything you see now is check us out on Facebook etc.

Yes I will will be posting this blog on our Facebook and yes I have facebook and twitter open in my tabs, so I am one of them too but to bring this into court in a divorce hearing iI

'm a little in awe about the whole situation I would love to hear what they found on the Facebooks and other social media sites.

According to the article this is the first time a judge has had to use this approach. I have a really good feeling it's not going to be the last!