Let's be honest, we all know someone who sits on the toilet for entirely too long.

It's typically men. We will sit down, scroll though our phones, and stay on the toilet until our feet begin to get numb. That's our cue to get up. However, for those who only have one bathroom, that can get annoying after awhile. No one wants to wait around for what seems like hours to use the restroom. If you have a toilet hog in your life who you want to simply  s**t or get off the pot, maybe you need to get them the Toliet Timer.

Toilet Timer/Amazon
Toilet Timer/Amazon

The Toilet Timer is a sand timer that last about five minutes. The grains pour from the stomach area down through the toilet area through the timer. Which is funny within itself. Once all of the sand pours into the toilet, it's time to get up.

This is not only a hilarious gag gift, but it also has health benefits too, believe it or not. Sitting on the toilet for too long could lead to hemorrhoids, which no one wants to deal with.  Just another reason why you need to get this for that bathroom hog in your life.

The Toilet Timer comes in three different styles: Classic, Dad, and Presidential. All of which can be found on Amazon.

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