With today being "Star Wars" Day, I thought I would share with you a few things that every "Star Wars" fans need to have for their home in order for the Force to be with you.

For those who don't know why today is "Star Wars" Day, it's because of the date. It's a play on "May the force be with you", one of the most well-known quotes from all of the "Star Wars" films. When you say today's date, you're supposed to say "May the fourth be with you"...it's a whole thing.


Aside from binge-watching all of the "Star Wars" movies and series, there are other ways you can celebrate "Star Wars" Day. Case in point, you can order some "Star Wars" themed items off of Amazon for your house.

These items will let everyone who enters your home know that you are truly a "Star Wars" fanatic.  I'm talking about things from pizza cutters to book stands, phone chargers to funny bathroom decor. All of which can easily be purchased on Amazon right now.

May The Fourth Be With You.

20+ Things Every Star Wars Fan Needs In Their Home

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