I know Skittles likes to be cutting edge, but Yogurt Boy is terrifying.


On Facebook I saw Skittles shared a six second video that shows some kind of monster in a fridge (he's very gooey) and an announcer simply says:

"Skittles in a creamy yogurty coating.  Introducing Skittles Dips."

The commercial then shows a creepy monster coming out of a fridge and you see a Skittle dip into it.  Now I wasn't sure what exactly the monster was, so I went to YouTube and I found a full video.  Turns out the scary drizzle monster is actually "yogurt Boy."  I'm not sure if its his giggle, or the fact that they literally dip a Skittle into him to cover it with yogurt, but this looks straight up like something out of a horror movie.  Yogurt Boy will now haunt my dreams forever.

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