Grab a heavy coat, a muffler, a good sock cap, and some comfortable shoes and get ready to take a walk through Christmas.

If it sounds like I've just described a rehearsal for the classic holiday film, A Christmas Story, well, that's kind of deliberate. Let me try to explain.

The "Christmas spirit" for me really is a mindset. More and more, over the last few years, the timeless old TV specials from my childhood have sort of been losing their luster a bit. In other words, I don't need them as much to get into a holiday mood like I used to. For me, Christmas is kind of like a time machine. And, in A Christmas Story, that's what you get. The holidays, in my mind, LOOK like a time long past. Old neighborhoods, downtown department stores...that sort of thing.

So an event like the Tinsel Town Tour of Lights is right up my alley. It's a self-guided tour through beautiful downtown Greenville KY where visitors can soak in the beauty of 70 holiday light displays along the city's public roads.

Greenville Tourism Director Amy Gardner, in a press release, said this about the annual event:

We look forward to transforming Greenville into a winter wonderland throughout the holiday season. With a display time of 5 weeks, the longevity of the Tinsel Town tour offers plenty of chances for our community to spend time with family and friends enjoying the lights.

The Tinsel Town Tour of Lights began on December 1st and will run through January 8th. Various holiday scenes are currently lighting up Main Street, Cherry Street, East Main Cross Street, West Depot Street, Rails to Trails, and Luzerne Lake. And sightseers might even catch a glimpse of the Grinch; the old Christmas curmudgeon will be making appearances throughout the month of December.

Greenville Tourism Commission/Facebook
Greenville Tourism Commission/Facebook

There's nothing like the charm of a town like Greenville--and others across Kentucky of course--that really brings that nostalgia of Christmas home.

Happy holidays and enjoy the drive.

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