It's March Madness, and we're ranking the stuff that really matters -- animals, cartoons, retro snacks and memes.

This is it – the Final Four! Grumpy Cat has told Keyboard Cat to play himself off as G.C. moves without him into Round 3. It's brains over beauty as Henri the Existential Cat beats out Boo the World’s Cutest Dog. Ceiling Cat is merely a spectator now, as Surprised Kitty eeks out a win. And finally, Lawyer Dog’s hourly rate was just too much for our readers to pay, as the Screaming Goats bring their bizarre form of self-expression into the next round.

Ready for ROUND THREE??

TheFW Internet Animals ROUND3 Small
Christine Gritmon


There won't be a lot of smiles either way as Grumpy Cat goes up against Henri the Existential Cat. Will Surprised Kitty be startled by the Screaming Goats, or will they change their screams to "awws"? Vote below, and help us determine which TWO Internet Animals will make it to our final matchup!

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