Vanderburgh Humane Society in Evansville, Indiana, is experiencing an unprecedented influx of feline friends. The current situation is both heartwarming and challenging, as the shelter finds itself overflowing with cats in need of care and sustenance but you can help!

Wet Food is in High Demand

The growing number of furry inhabitants means the demand for wet cat food has reached staggering levels, and the shelves that were once filled are now almost bare. However, you can play a crucial role in making a positive impact on these adorable creatures' lives.

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Order Online - Ship to VHS

Order from the Chewy and Amazon Wishlists: The Vanderburgh Humane Society has set up wishlists on Chewy and Amazon to make it easy for animal lovers like you to contribute. By ordering items directly from these lists, you ensure that the shelter receives exactly what it needs to keep the cats well-fed and comfortable. Click on the links below to access the wishlists and make your contribution count:

Amazon Wishlist 

Chewy Wishlist



Pickup and Drop Off Locally

Pick up some Friskies Pate locally and drop it off during shelter hours. If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can directly contribute to the Vanderburgh Humane Society by purchasing Friskies Pate locally and dropping it off during shelter hours. Their doors are open from Tuesday to Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm. Your thoughtful donation of cat food will ensure that the shelter never runs out of the essentials to feed their furry guests.

Donate Money

Financial contributions play a significant role in helping the Vanderburgh Humane Society cover various expenses, including veterinary care, shelter maintenance, and providing necessary supplies. You can make a difference by donating directly to the shelter through their social media post or website.



Share, Share, Share!

Share this article. Even if you're unable to contribute directly, you can still make a difference by spreading the word. Share this article on your social media platforms, tell your friends, family, and colleagues about the Vanderburgh Humane Society's situation. The more people who know, the more support the shelter can receive.

You Can Make a Difference

Your assistance and generosity can make a significant difference in the lives of these adorable cats. The Vanderburgh Humane Society's tireless efforts to care for these animals are admirable, but they can't do it alone. Let's come together as a community to ensure these cats receive the love and care they deserve.

Every Little Bit Helps

Remember, every small act of kindness counts, and together, we can help create a brighter and happier future for the feline residents of Vanderburgh Humane Society in Evansville, Indiana. Thank you for being a part of this purr-fect cause!

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