When I describe my sister's fear of mice and rats to my friends, I don't think I can convey enough how terrified of them she is. And this is someone who has ZERO issues with snakes. She'd keep one as a pet except for what you have to feed them...MICE.

Several years ago, when she was living near a grassy area loaded with mice, she was having trouble with the little buggers. "Paralyzed with fear" might be an accurate description. Next thing you know, she secured a couple of cats and her worries were immediately over.

The Invaluable Feline Employees That 'Work' in Kentucky Distilleries

I big fan of cats, myself, but not because they're natural mousers. Yes, that's an EXCELLENT quality, but not the only reason I value their presence. But it IS the main reason Kentucky bourbon distilleries value their presence. Plus, they're darn good pets and fun to have around. But Kentucky isn't the only place you'll find cats "working" at distilleries. It's apparently a common practice, and smart one, at that.

The Louisville Courier-Journal recently shined the spotlight on nine cats that earn their keep at Kentucky distilleries. Check it out and meet Waylon Jennings, Rye, Barley, Rye Meow, Ms. Jackson, Puppy (ok), Mama, Thumper, and Cooper. And they have titles, too, like Brand Ambassador, Third Floor Mouse Specialist, and Chief Executive Hunter.

Using Cats as Mousers in Distilleries Is Actually a Common Practice

I mean, why NOT have fun with the necessary presence of a bunch of hard-working felines who keep rodents away from those big sacks of barley, rye, and other grains needed to make one of Kentucky's most popular exports.

And I'm learning just HOW common a practice this actually is--not just in Scotland and Kentucky where arguably the world's most popular brown spirits are distilled, but also in breweries. Hey, those hops have to be protected, too.

If you've ever taken a distillery tour in Kentucky, you have probably seen these hard-working "employees." What a great idea, and what a "lift" to the atmosphere and ambience of distillery tours.

I think NPR put it best when it said, "Behind Every Good Whisky Is a Trusty Distillery Cat."

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